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Running With The Kenyans, by Adharanand Finn

November 15, 2022
Running Book Reviews with Alan and Liz
Running With The Kenyans, by Adharanand Finn
Show Notes

Running With The Kenyans is the story of how Adharanand moved his family to Kenya for 6 months so that he could explore why Kenyan runners are so dominant. Adharanand discovered a talent for running at a young age, but like many kids in sport, ended up getting distracted along the way and not realizing his potential. He continued to run in adulthood, but never really pushed his limits due to family obligations with 3 young kids. As the world was watching Kenyan athletes rise to the top and sweep the podiums of many major races, Adharanand was wondering what their secret is. With the approval of his wife (who was up for the adventure), they moved their 3 young kids to Kenya for 6 months so that Adharanand could train with the best runners in the world. The book is divided into 25 numbered chapters. Each chapter included a piece of Adharanand’s journey to improve his own running, find the Kenyan running secret and some side stories about people that Adharanand met along the way.

Adharanand Finn is an Assistant production editor for the Guardian newspaper in the UK, freelance writer and author of 3 award winning running books:
Running with Kenyans - the topic of this episode
The Way of the Runner - Which talks about Japanese obsessive running culture
Rise of the Ultra Runners – Which talks about ultra-endurance runners and what makes them want to complete gruelling endurance events like the Marathon des Sables.

If you are interested in Adharanand’s most recent book, Rise of the Ultra Runners, you can check out our previous episodes because we had the pleasure of interviewing him!

If you are interested in getting a copy of the book for yourself, you can find it on amazon:  

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