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The Mock Olympian, by Michael Long

January 01, 2023
Running Book Reviews with Alan and Liz
The Mock Olympian, by Michael Long
Show Notes

The Mock Olympian is the story of author Michael Long’s journey to run in every Olympic city, 23 in total, between the 2012 and 2016 Olympic games. Although he tried to combine trips if he was in a particular corner of the world, this goal required a lot of travel and even a month off once it was time to run in North America, which luckily, Michael’s employer approved. The book is divided into 25 short chapters. The first 2 chapters are general background about how the idea came about and a little about Michael. The 23 remaining chapters are dedicated to each of the 23 Olympic cities that Michael ran in.

Michael Long started running in his late 20’s, but this didn’t prevent him from running quite a few fast times in various distances… including a half marathon under 1:20! Michael was working in London during the 2012 summer Olympics, which is where the idea for his adventure was born, but he has lived in many other cities including Athens, Brussels, Perth, Newcastle, and Sydney. Michael loves to travel and has been to over 75 different countries. He loves travelling so much that he studied tourism in university and has been in the industry ever since!

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