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Run Your Best Marathon, by Sam Murphy

April 01, 2023
Running Book Reviews with Alan and Liz
Run Your Best Marathon, by Sam Murphy
Show Notes

Run Your Best Marathon is a guide to training and racing the marathon distance. The marathon has many challenges if you are trying to run at your full potential; you need to run at a hard effort while managing fuel stores and try to stay focussed for several hours. This book uses science as a base, for concrete tips and recommendations for approaching everything from training, to race day execution and many other topics in between.
The book has 19 chapters which are divided into 6 sections:
Section 1: On Training
Section 2: The marathon programmes
Section 3: The practicalities
Section 4: Body maintenance
Section 5: On your marks
Section 6: Nutrition and hydration

Sam Murphy has spent her career in journalism and took time off to complete a BSc in Sport and Exercise Science. She has been a lifelong advocate for spending time outside and has participated in a variety of endurance sports including running distances from 5k to ultramarathons, swimming, and triathlon. Sam is an England Athletics-qualified coach and has been writing the Murphy’s Lore column in Runner’s World (UK) magazine for several years. She is also not a first-time book author; Sam has written 4 other books including 3 more about running and one called The Official British Army Fitness Guide.

If you are looking to get a copy of the book, Sam suggests getting it through, and you can choose your favourite local bookshop to give the sale profit to (...but it looks like this only works in the US, UK, and Spain). Here is the book on the website:

If you would like to know more about Sam, she can be found on Instagram and Twitter as @sammurphyruns, or you can head to her website where you can find this book and also her previous books:

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