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Run Faster Marathons, by Chris Knighton

April 15, 2023 Alan/ Liz/ Chris Knighton
Running Book Reviews with Alan and Liz
Run Faster Marathons, by Chris Knighton
Show Notes

 Run Faster Marathons is dedicated to providing advice that you can incorporate onto your marathon training, to make you faster. The information is divided into 3 sections:

  1. Essential Concepts for Marathon Success – Which talks about knowing your “why?”, some running rules, the right way to increase mileage, improving running form, and the importance of a good warm-up.
  2. The Six Phases of Marathon Training – Which explains each of the 6 phases of marathon training starting with base building, and ending with post-race recovery.
  3. Supplemental Practices to Go Beyond “Just Running.” – Which talks about strength training, stretching, massage, and choosing running shoes.

This book is just the facts without all the stories about study results etc., and so you can read it quickly and get started with implementing some of the advice.

Chris Knighton is a USATF Level 1 Coach. He is the head coach at Knighton Runs Marathon Coaching, and Track & Field and Cross Country Coach at St. Mary’s Academy in Riverside, Rhode Island. Knighton Runs Marathon Coaching was founded in the Summer of 2019, and their mission is to help passionate athletes run faster marathons and develop their confidence to take on any life challenge. Born in Boston, Massachusetts, Chris didn't start running until his late twenties but grew up watching the Boston marathon which is what later inspired him to try and qualify. He has been a vegan athlete for his entire adult life and credits much of his success in sports to making healthy diet and lifestyle choices. In 2014, Chris left his job to pursue his dreams. He thru-hiked the 2180-mile Appalachian Trail that summer and realized if he had the courage and capacity to accomplish this journey, he should easily be able to take on any life challenge. Chris brings this mentally to his own running and coaching. He believes that the skills and confidence we develop to run faster marathons directly correlate to what’s needed to overcome any personal or professional challenge. Chris is also a husband, and a father to a 9-month old girl.

If you are interested in signing up for Chris’ newsletter, want to inquire about his coaching service, or are interested in getting a copy of the book for yourself, you can go to his website

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