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Personal Best Running, by Mark Coogan and Scott Douglas

August 15, 2023 Alan and Liz/ Mark Coogan/ Scott Douglas
Running Book Reviews with Alan and Liz
Personal Best Running, by Mark Coogan and Scott Douglas
Show Notes

Personal Best Running is a two-part training manual outlining Coach Coogan’s coaching practice and training plans. Part 1 includes 5 chapters about the theory:
1. Coach Coogan’s training principles
2. Building a good training environment
3. Staying strong and healthy
4. Using your mind to run faster
5. Being a student of the sport
Part 2 includes 9 chapters starting with a chapter about mastering the skill of racing, and a chapter that describes how to follow the programs. The rest of the chapters in part 2 include plans for training for races from 1 mile to the marathon. And the last 2 chapters are for racing many events in a short period and training for a quick transition from one race distance to another (for example the marathon to the 5k).

Mark Coogan is currently the coach of Team New Balance Boston which is an elite distance running team that sent 3 athletes to the Olympics in 2021. He previously coached distance running at Dartmouth College, Tufts University, MIT and Phillips Exeter Academy. He has coached Olympians including Elle St. Pierre, Heather MacLean and Abbey D’Agostino Cooper; and was himself a professional runner from 1988 to 2004. During his athletic career Marc was on the 1996 US Olympic Team for the marathon, won the silver medal at the 1995 Pan American Games, represented the US in the 5000m in the 1995 World Track and Field Championships and ran in 7 world cross country championships. Mark had range during his running career and ranked top 10 in the mile, steeplechase, 5k, 10k and marathon. He was the first Massachusetts native to break the 4-minute mile, and still lives in Massachusetts today.

Scott Douglas is a contributing writer for Runner’s World and author or coauthor for several well known running books including Advanced Marathoning, Running Is My Therapy, Meb for Mortals and 26 Marathons. Scott’s writing has also appeared in The Atlantic, Washington Post, Slate, and Outside. This is also Scott's second time on the podcast and we were happy to have him back!

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