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Bravey, by Alexi Pappas

April 01, 2021
Running Book Reviews with Alan and Liz
Bravey, by Alexi Pappas
Show Notes

Bravey was Alexi Pappas mantra, and also the title of her memoire. Alexi is an olympian in the 10 000 m event which she ran for Greece and got the national record at the 2016 Olympic games. Although Alexi is still young and has many years ahead of her, she has also had many life experiences which she reflects on to try and tease out valuable lessons.

In her book, Alexi talks about her experience growing up without a mother and how this was both painful and positive at the same time. She grew up with a burning desire to “matter”, and this fuelled her to work hard towards her goals. The book is organized in chapters around specific themes or subjects, but not necessarily in chronological order. Although it may sound like a sad book, it doesn't feel that way because Alexi always ends by telling us what positive lesson she learned from her experience.

We were not able to have Alexi for an interview, but we hope that you enjoy our chat about the book.

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