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Running on Tired Legs, by Bill Graham

May 01, 2021
Running Book Reviews with Alan and Liz
Running on Tired Legs, by Bill Graham
Show Notes

Bill Graham is a runner who has enjoyed the sport for over four decades. He is a multiple time sub-3 hour marathoner, ran in the UK Cross Country national championships as a youth, and has lived and run in both the UK and South Africa. Bill is also a running coach and mentor to other runners. In this episode we get to chat with Bill about his new book, Running on Tired Legs.

Running on Tired legs is a memoire of Bill Graham’s life, and a parallel account of the Lakeland 100, which is a 100 km run in the English Lake District. Bill’s personal journey starts with a description of his childhood, introduction to sport and later running, and a reflection of what he was like as a kid. He was extremely shy, and had some issues with performance anxiety during competitions. 

Through sports, and especially running, Bill builds on his confidence throughout his life, and he makes many friends along the way. During the parallel story of Bill's 100 km run, there are several times when Bill is not sure he will finish and he describes the variety of challenges he had along the way. The help of the race volunteers, and some runners he meets during the event, really highlight the camaraderie that exists in the running community and reminds us why we love this sport so much.

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