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The Running Drug, by Tim Beynon

August 15, 2021 Alan and Liz
Running Book Reviews with Alan and Liz
The Running Drug, by Tim Beynon
Show Notes

The Running Drug is the story of how the author, Tim, discovered and fell in love with running after some sedentary years in his 20’s, and then he received some unexpected news at the age of 40. At age 40, men in the UK are invited to get their first routine health check, but only about one third of them go. Although Tim felt he was very healthy and didn’t need a health check, he went anyway, and was glad that he did.

Tim found out that his PSA level was elevated, and after repeated testing that confirmed the result, he was sent for further testing and diagnosed with prostate cancer. Tim was told that had he waited another 5 years for the next health check, his cancer may not have been curable. The book ends with Tim getting to the start of, and finishing, the 2019 London Marathon as part of the Prostate Cancer UK team. Throughout the book he shares his anxieties around training for and running his first marathon, and also his cancer treatment journey. Tim describes how running became like a drug; when he went for a run, he was able to clear his mind, think more clearly, and solve problems, a feeling that many runners will be able to relate to.

For those who don't know Tim Beynon, he is a UK journalist writing and editing national and international magazines on everything from Formula One to Premier League football. He is a passionate human interest storyteller, who has invested his time in sharing the inspirational stories of others' sporting and personal achievements. A committed blogger, amateur runner, and men's health champion, he has written about his own experiences of prostate cancer, marathon training and mental health, as well as life as a modern-day parent. As a runner, Tim can be found running along trails around his home county of Hampshire, England.

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Big thank you to Tim, for providing a review copy of the book, and for speaking with us.

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