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An Unstoppable Runner, by David Williams

December 01, 2021
Running Book Reviews with Alan and Liz
An Unstoppable Runner, by David Williams
Show Notes

An Unstoppable Runner is the story of David Williams running journey and life. He starts running in high school but doesn’t continue afterwards. In early adulthood he starts drinking and smoking, and this habit continued until he realized that he was not very healthy. One day one of David’s colleagues told him to go buy a pair of running shoes, and this is how he started running again. David has over 40 years of running in his legs, and some very very very long runs. Although he started with the more popular distances and local races, he kept asking himself if he could go farther or run longer which brought him to discover ultra distance events. 

In parallel to his running journey, David talks about his life journey which included some major life events including a divorce and the death of a child. David shows us how running helped him learn about himself, cope with adversity, and learn to be flexible with his goals.

 David Williams is a long-time runner who still enjoys endurance events today in his 70’s. He has done many ultra-distance runs of all types in the trails and on the track and has participated in both measured distances and time-based events. Although ultra-running is popular today and anyone can find a race close to home, David started in the 80’s when you didn’t have access to the internet to search and register for races. He learned about events by word of mouth and by doing other events and was not always sure that his registration was received until he got his bib in the mail. 

Another thing that David is as passionate about as running long distances is books! Although not related to his first job, David has owned a used bookstore, and still scours used book stores (and the internet) for running books he doesn’t have in his extensive collection. It’s only fitting that David is now an author of a running book, and we were honoured to have him with us for this episode.

If you would like to get a copy of David's book, it can be found on Amazon:
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Big thank you to David for providing a review copy of the book, and for taking the time to speak with us.

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